Control, Optimization and Energy Management of Autonomous Vehicles


Dr. Okba Kraa, University of Biskra (Algeria)

         Dr. Mohamed Yacine AYAD, R&D Industrial Hybrid Vehicle Applications, (France)

ICEREGA’18 aims at gathering scientists and engineers from academia and industry to discuss the generation and applications in the broad field of renewable energy applications.

Nowadays, intensive research has been done into autonomous vehicles. The ultimate goal of automated driving is to reduce accidents caused by human error and improve safety. Extensive research has been done on the autonomous steering control of the mobile robot, but study on the on-road Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEV) is still limited.  In addition to this, other criteria are required from the steering control step of AEV like trajectory planning, optimization, reducing energy consumption, robustness towards parameters uncertainties or the energy management in case of AEV included a hybrid systems. This special session is dedicated to Control, Optimization, and Energy Management in automotive systems and specially, in the autonomous electric vehicle (Electrical Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (HEV), self drive vehicle,).

This special session is dedicated to control and the Optimization of energy flow in autonomous EV , so that to emphasis the last developments in such kind of vehicle. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Modelling and/or control of autonomous vehicle,
  • Control and energy management of multi-sources  power train,
  • Optimization of energy flow management in HEV,
  • Control and trajectory planning of self-drive vehicles,
  • Optimization, optimal control, fault detection for EV and HEV.

Keywords: Autonomous vehicle, modelling, Hybrid electric vehicle, trajectory planning, self-drive vehicle, optimization, energy management.

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High-quality accepted papers that will be presented in the conference will be published in a scopus-indexed journal after passing the due peer review.

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