Social Events

During ICEREGA’18, the participants will enjoy several diverse and attractive social activities. Half-day trip in Marina El-Kantawi and the medina old city of Sousse will be included in the registration fees besides the welcome reception, and a conference banquet.

The small tourist train YASMINEXPRESS offers you to discover the touristic area of Sousse as well as the old city of Sousse.

The details of the tour/visit are as follows:

  • Starting Point

Starting point of tour will be Hotel Riad Palms and tour will start at sharp 2 :00 PM.

  • Stop at the Mio mondo cafe

Break of 20 min. at Moi mondo cafe where icecream would be offered.

  • Visit of Marina El-Kantaoui

The visit of Marina El-Kantaoui will start at 3 :00 PM and will last for one hour therfore departure will be at 4 :00 PM. The walk in Marina would be accompanied with nice Lemonade as drink.

History of Marina El-Kantaoui : Port El Kantaoui is a tourist complex situated at 10 kilometres north of Sousse city in central Tunisia. It was built in 1979 specifically as a tourist center around a large artificial harbour  and hosting various sporting activities from water skiing to paragliding, and several golf courses. The 36-hole PGA approved championship course makes Port El Kantaoui a popular venue for golfing. The architecture, although modern and dazzlingly white, has been modeled as the more traditional buildings of Tunisia with narrow streets and arches. In style, the port area of Port El Kantaoui is designed as a white and blue Tunisian style village with reproduced medina quarter and cobblestone streets. It is popular with holiday visitors, families, and first-time visitors, however, its extensive landscaping and detachment from the true Tunisia bring critics; most notably the Rough Guide has described Port El Kantaoui as « Tunisia without tears … artificial, soulless, even anemic ».

  • Visit of Medina of Sousse

Arrival at Medina of Sousse around 4 :00PM after visiting the Marina. The departure will be at 6 :00 PM.

History of Medina of Sousse : The Medina of Sousse is located in the Tunisian Sahel and displays an outstanding archeological site. First, because it was built at the time of Islamic conquest in Maghreb therefore it displays a remarkable and unique design of Islamic civilization and secondly, because of the location of the Medina, a site that required protection against piracy and plunder. Its architectural style, from the time of the Aghlabid, is representative of the military coastal constructions of the era, meant to be stout and imposing, so as to ward off foes. It encompasses a Kasbahfortifications and the Great Mosque of Sousse. The Medina today houses the Archaeological Museum of Sousse therefore it is an eminent example of Arab-muslim and Mediterranean Architecture. Inside Medina lies various artifacts such as variety of souks (shops) and thematics such as ceramics, leather, copper, wood, carpets and jewellery.

  • Return to hotel Riad Palms at 6 :30 PM